July Update

  • Goddessmode is now available for order! If you’re interested in video game inspired writing, lyrical essays, poetry, &etc. written by female and non-binary writers, then go to Cool Skull Press‘ website and order yourself a copy today! Profits go to Girls Who Code and Feminist Frequency. Also, look at how awesome that cover is! I’m in very good company here with writers like Georgia Bellas, Berit Ellingsen, and Deirdre Coyle included.
  • I have a guest blog post that’s gonna be going up on Alternating Current’s blog, The Spark for Poet’s day. It was a lot of fun to write. It’s a bit of a ways away, but I look forward to seeing it go live and I hope everyone enjoys it.
  • Three of my poems, “roots”, “lab notes: page 1”, and “evolution” will be published in Noble Gas Qtrly. I’m very excited because they always publish amazing work and writers, so I’m going to be in such good company there.

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