Story a Day in May: Progress Log (1-5)

So, the last time I tried this, it ended terribly. I was too busy to keep a constant writing schedule and accidentally broke my hard drive, so I was without a laptop until I could buy a new one and replace it. This year seems to be going slightly better… so far. Knock on wood.

Progress Log

Day 1 – Coming Home (incomplete)

“And even then she was only the echo of voices at night or the tiny wet footprints leading down the hall to her room.”

Day 2 – Entomophobia (complete)

“You hired an exterminator once to clear out the mites and roaches, and he soaked your head in mild poisons. All was silent, for a little while…”

Day 3 – Star Catcher (complete)

“I follow my sister to the edge of the field, bristling green with newly planted crops. Karin is standing on her toes, waving the net about her head and dancing.”

Day 4 – Whitewood (incomplete)

“The thorns are prickling again, stretching out my arteries and filling up veins. I can feel them growing, threatening to puncture flesh.”

Day 5 – The Drowned Ball (complete)

“The crystal goblets lay in fragments, knocked over and cracked across the ornate tabletops. You run your hands along the carved designs on the wood paneling, the smooth staircase railing, the tasseled velvet curtains hiding fractured windows.”

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