Sew, I’ve bin thinking about righting. Yew know, about words and the whey they sound and the whey they’re written. When yew reed a peace of righting and the spelling seams sketchy, yew might assume that the righter isn’t very well red. But when yew read a peace of righting allowed to other people and no one nose there’s a mistake, those errors mite be something we call homonyms.

So, why is it that when someone writes something like

“Eye saw yew at the maul today.”

you immediately know it’s wrong? I mean, these are all still words, and they sound the exact same as the intended message. The problem with homonyms are that they mislead the reader and can often be mixed up by the writer. These words have their own meanings that usually make no sense in the place of their pronunciation twins.

Just try to imagine someone telling you there’s a hare in their eye. Or that they think they’re going to feint. Personally, I’d like to see how you accidentally get a rabbit in your eye. Just for fun, here’s a few more common examples.

My deer ant is coming over for the holidays.

That math teacher is such a boar.

I knead to eat,  let’s go by some food, I could really go for a byte right now.

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