I Would Of

It gives me the heebie jeebies to even see “I would of”. In everyday conversation, words can easily be misspelled because of the confusion between how they’re pronounced and how they’re written. When someone says they would’ve preferred an apple over a pear, they mean would have. Not would of. Not would ov. Not wood of.

Would’ve is the contraction to would have. This also applies to should’ve and could’ve.

The only time “would of” works beside each other like that is never. Actually, I lied. It works in this case.

“I would, of course, send you that pineapple, but I’ve eaten it.”

But seriously, of means pertaining to.

“I made a house out of duct tape.”

“I live south of Narnia.”

“Which part of the cake is a lie?”

“I’m going to die of boredom.”

These are the instances in which you can use of, just keep it away from would, should or could. Please.

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